Meet The Team

Owner & Governor

Vincent J. Viola


  • Vice Chairman, Partner & Alternate Governor: Douglas A. Cifu
  • President & CEO: Matthew Caldwell
  • General Manager: Bill Zito
  • Chief Commercial Officer: Shawn Thornton 
  • Executive Vice President: Bryce Hollweg
  • Chief Strategy Officer: Sam Doerr
  • Senior Vice President & GM of SSE Facilities: Rob Stevenson
  • Vice President, Broadcasting and Panthers Alumni: Randy Moller
  • Vice President, Experience: Nicole Meloff
  • Vice President, Event Programming: Kevin Grove
  • Vice President, Corporate Partnerships: Josh Korlin
  • Vice President, Strategy & Insight: Michael Kesaris
  • Vice President, Business Intelligence: Cole Cook
  • Vice President, Ticket Operations: Ty Wagner
  • General Counsel: Ed Wildermuth


  •  Director, Marketing & Creative Strategy: Amanda Wasserman 

  • Arena & Event Marketing Coordinator: Gina Nolfo

FLA Live Arena

  • Facility & Procurement Operations Manager: Vanessa Terrero
  • Vice President, Retail & Merchandise: Janine Kurpiel
  • Director, Retail Operations: Ryan Cavanagh
  • Security: Franz Valcimond
  • Senior Director, Event Services: Matthew Tamindzija
  • Manager, Events: Alina Milauskas
  • Special Events Manager: Melissa Hady
  • Manager, Guest Experiences: Jordan Hildreth
  • Parking Manager: Tiffany Delano